Each of my personal Regencies occur in an identical “world”

Each of my personal Regencies occur in an identical “world”

We color coordinated the new instructions when you look at the for each show to aid choose for every single collection top, however, if that is sidetracking, let me know, and you will I shall change it.

My personal Regencies

This is certainly a simple you to definitely. This is why you can find characters from a single guide pop-up in another one to just like the that character suits on facts.

Small note: Ethan (Lord Edon) and you may Mr. Christopher Robinson is my two favourite Regency letters, so that ledende nettsted they arrive in several guides because supplementary letters. To save to your place, keep in mind you to definitely Ethan ‘s the hero for the A many The wrong Earl and Christopher is the hero within his Unwilling Woman .

The fresh Earl’s Awkward Spouse (Wedding by Scandal: Book 1) – It provides Nate (Lord Roderick) and you will Claire Lowell; prominent additional emails is actually Mr. Christopher Robinson, Lilly Lowell, and you may Perry (Lord Clement)

Breaking the Laws (Matrimony by design: Publication 1) – It enjoys Lilly Lowell and you will Mr. Roger Morris is the character; popular additional characters is actually Emilia Stewart, Kitty Farrow, Benjamin (Lord Valentine), and you will Aaron (Lord Northton); unique appearance by the Mr. Christopher Robinson and you will Ethan (Lord Edon)

Nobody’s Deceive (Relationships by design: Guide dos) – Which features Emilia Stewart and you can Benjamin (Lord Valentine); common secondary emails is actually Mr. Roger Morris, Lilly, Kitty Farrow, and you will Michael (exactly who after performs a well known character within the A deceptive Choice)

A deceptive Bet (Relationships by-design: Guide 3) – So it features Aaron (Lord Northton) and you will Cat Farrow; common supplementary emails is Michael (regarding Nobody’s Deceive), Roger, Lilly, Benjamin, and you can Emilia; special styles from the Ethan (Lord Edon) and Nate (Lord Roderick)

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